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LABSGroup, an innovative firm working to revolutionize the real estateinvestment market for end-users, announced that the private sale isofficially closed! We are humbled by the support of our investors,partners, and community that have taken an interest in LABS Group andwhat we are trying to do. 


Wehave received an overwhelming amount of requests to qualify for ourPrivate rounds of the LABS token sale. We do apologize not everyonewas able to enter the private rounds as we were 5x oversubscribed. Wewill be offering opportunities to purchase into the LABS Group tokensale in the coming weeks.


Weare building this platform to democratize real estate for everyone,so investing can be as easy as shopping online.


PrivateSale Details


Withthe finalization of the private sale process, LABS Group raised asignificant amount of funds to continue to grow its businessoperations. LABS raised 6.05M in Private sales, with the remaining$400K USD going into Public Sales. The public sale will give thecommunity every opportunity possible to get into our token salebefore our Token Generation Event (TGE)


TokenAllocation Breakdown



FundsAllocation Breakdown:





LABSwill begin its public sale in March 2021, meaning we are gettingcloser and closer to the platform launch scheduled for April of thisyear. According to studies, over 57 percent of the global populationprefers to invest in real estate; LABS will offer everyone a new wayto get equal, fair, and transparent access to the real estate market.


Publicsales will be done on several launchpads over a short few days andending with an Initial Dex Offering on UniSwap.


Moredetails of the public sale will be announced to the public via oursocial channels in the next few weeks.


Partners,Investors and Community


LABSwas able to sign a few partnerships with prominent partners in thelast few weeks and we wanted to spotlight some of these partnerships.



Enjinwill be one of our tech partners in creating NFTs for some of thereal estate assets onboarded into the LABS Platform.



Centrifugewill work with us to offer collateralized lending with the investorson LABS that hold security tokens. We believe this is an innovativeway to allow for more liquidity in the secondary market.



Polkacoverwill help us with an Insurance product offering for the DeFi lendingspace.


LABSwould not be here without the support of our many investors andcommunity support. Here is a big thank you to Double Peak, Boxmining,Plutus VC, Megala Ventures, CoinUnited, Genesis Block Ventures,Blocksync Ventures, YBB, Spykefast, Signal Ventures, Sky Ventures,Cinchblock and all the many private and community members thatinvested in LABS Group.  

没有如此多的投资者和社区的支持,LABS就不会在这么短的时间超额完成私募轮。非常感谢DoublePeak,Boxmining,PlutusVC,MegalaVentures,CoinUnited,GenesisBlock Ventures,BlocksyncVentures,YBB,Spykefast,SignalVentures,SkyVentures,Cinchblock以及所在机构的成员。                                                                                                                   

Whatis the LABS Platform?


Traditionally,the real estate investment market has been primarily sectioned offfor high net worth individuals and corporations with deep pockets.Even with access to residential real estate, which tends to becheaper than commercial, there is still an extremely high entrybarrier based on wealth. LABS Group is changing this dynamic, makingthe entire real estate market fully accessible to everyone. Using theLABS platform, investors will be able to gain exposure to valuablereal estate assets starting with as low as $100. Users will be ableto invest in various properties they could never have previouslyaccessed, such as properties in the US or Dubai.


LABSwill introduce fractionalized asset ownership and trading, allowingfor greater exposure to new markets and more money makingopportunities. However, LABS isn’t stopping at fractionalized realestate trading, as they offer many other decentralized real estatefocused services. Through the platform, users will be able tocrowdfund around real estate assets, partake in collateralizedlending to leverage investments, and conduct regulated securitiestrading without oversight or exorbitant fees from third-partyservices providers. LABS intends to return the power previously heldby REITs and wealthy real estate investors back to regular people,making the real estate industry a more equitable sector.